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We’ve taken the time to set up this convenient index of what’s currently available for download right now on Click any link. While you can find all this information yourself on the TG site, we’ve simply aggregated and quantified it all in one place. It will also give you an idea of the enormity of this work over 18 years.

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Counts current as of 5-1-2024 and are updated regularly.

Lesson Downloads

332 Downloads Currently Available

113 Downloads Currently Available

98 Downloads Currently Available

38 Downloads Currently Available

Chord Studies
487 Downloads Currently Available

130 Downloads Currently Available

101 Downloads Currently Available

Harmony & Theory
106 Downloads Currently Available

Single-Note Soloing
114 Downloads Currently Available

The V-System
270 Downloads Currently Available

157 Downloads Currently Available


97 Downloads Currently Available

From Students

104 Lessons Currently Available


Ted Greene – “An Afternoon with Ted”
16 Tracks Available

Ted Greene Solo Guitar Improvisation 2001
19 Tracks Available

Ted Greene GIT Seminar 1978
10 Tracks Available

Ted Greene “Special Recording Session” – circa 1977
10 Tracks Available

Ted Greene with Rowanne Mark
6 Tracks Available

Ted Greene Messin’ Around at Home – I
18 Tracks Available

Ted Greene Messin’ Around at Home – II
6 Tracks Available

Ted Greene and Emily Remler – Jammin’
1 Track Available

Ted Greene – Private Concert at Alec Silverman’s Home – July 1975
18 Tracks Available

Lessons with John C. McCain
12 Lessons Available

Lessons with Mark Fitchett
21 Lessons Available

Lessons with Mark Levy
12 Lessons Available

Lessons with Nick Stasinos
11 Lessons Available

Lessons with Kevin Griffin
17 Lessons Available

Lessons with Steve Herberman
4 Lessons Available

Lessons with Craig Price
1 Lesson Available

Lessons with Dan Sindel
3 Lessons Available

6 Audio Tracks and 7 Lessons Available


86 Videos Currently Available on YouTube

Articles & Interviews

26 Currently Available


18 Years of Newsletters Currently Archived

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